Thursday, 4 September 2014

Announcements September 4, 2014

·        The first meeting for the Villy Free Press will be Wednesday September 10th from 2:30 to 4:00 in rm 214.  The newspaper is looking for writers of all ages, artists, photographers, editors, and graphic designers.  Please see Mr. Hamelin in rm 214 on your lunch if you are interested but cannot attend the meeting.

·        The Creative Writing Group will meet this Monday, September 8th, at 2:30 until 4:00 in Rm.  214. This group focuses on the writing of all forms of creative writing, including short fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and script writing.  Please see Mr. Hamelin you are interested but cannot attend.

·        A reminder that Student Parliament will be meeting today after school in room 219 for our first meeting.  New comers are welcome!

·        Just a reminder to all girls wanting to try out for the junior basketball team, our first tryout will be today at 2:30 in the gym.

·        "Novice or Grandmaster? Like to learn chess or just have a friendly game? Please indicate your interest in having a Chess Club by signing your name on the door of room 132."

·        The Villanova Music Department begins their new season next week. If you like to sing, the choir meets on Tuesday from 2:30 to 4:15 pm. We sing in three parts and a mixture of popular music. If you play an instrument, the concert and jazz band meet on Thursdays from 2:30 to 5 pm. All levels and abilities are welcome. Don't miss out on an exciting new year. Rehearsals are in room 106, or see Mrs. Brunet in the music room today on your lunch for more information.

·        Tryouts continue tonight from 7:15 till 9:00.

·        A reminder that cross country practices continue today after school. Please meet in the atrium at 2:30. New runners are still welcome.

Announcement from Guidance 

Having completed course changes for Gr. 12 students the Guidance department is now ready to move on to addressing course changes for Gr. 11 students. 

So today and today only, Gr. 11s can sign-up for an appointment in the Guidance Office.

Gr. 11 students are reminded that course change requests must be academic in nature and must affect graduation and/or post-secondary destination.

Students are once again reminded that they must follow the schedule they have been issued until they meet with a counselor.  
Tomorrow the guidance department will be addressing Gr. 10 issues.

Teachers are also reminded that the Student Ineligibility Form posted in the Villanova folder is due back to guidance by end of day today.