Thursday, 28 January 2016



This is to advise that the Board is seeking input to its 2016-17 Budget Development through a budget survey which has been posted on the Board’s website at [ ]  The survey seeks to receive input on areas where there is flexibility to make local decisions on how funds are spent.

When setting Budget priorities, the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board strives to dedicate significant resources to the realization of its primary objectives of faith development and student achievement.  Since faith development is not directly funded through Ministry of Education grants, the Board identifies efficiencies in other areas and re-directs the savings to make faith formation a priority.  Student achievement is stressed for all WECDSB children and the Board remains deeply committed to an inclusionary model of education.

Community stakeholders are encouraged to provide comments on Budget priorities using the survey provided on the website.  Survey responses received by Friday, March 4, 2016 will be summarized and presented to the Board at its meeting of March 29.  Surveys received subsequent to March 4, 2016 will be considered in the final draft Budget which is expected to be tabled with the Board of Trustees at its meeting on June~14, 2016 with final deliberation and approval on June~27, 2016.

Stakeholders may also make a presentation at a Regular Board Meeting scheduled during the Budget Consultation period, which includes the following public meeting dates:  February 23, March 29, April~26, May 24, June 14 and June 27.  Stakeholders who wish to make a presentation at a Regular Board Meeting are asked to review the guidelines and instructions for Board Delegations provided on the Board’s webpage at:  [ ]