Sunday, 11 September 2016

Announcements September 8, 2016

Announcements September 8, 2016

·       Sr. Girls basketball tryouts continue tonight from 2:30-4:00pm.

·       The music department will be beginning their new season next week. If you play an instrument or love to sing there is a group for you. Monday is Junior Concert band, Tuesday is choir, Wednesday is jazz band, and Thursday is Senior Concert band. All rehearsals are in room 106 and run until 4pm. There is a sign up list and information posted on the door. Or you can ask Mrs. Brunet for more information.


·       The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) will be having its first meeting of the year this Friday on first lunch. The GSA is place for students to have lunch, socialize and talk about equity and diversity issues in a safe environment.  New members are welcome! We will meet this Friday on first lunch in Room 202. Bring your lunch!


·       Attention grade 10, 11 and 12 students who are new to Villanova.  If you wish to play on any WECSSAA sport this year as a wildcat please make sure to pick up an eligibility form from the phys-ed office today if you have not already done so.  All forms are due tomorrow at the end of the day and must be returned to Mrs. La Porta in the phys-ed office. 


·       Looking for volunteer hours?  Essex Rotary is looking for student volunteers to help with elementary school cooking events on Sept 21, Sept 28, and Sept 29 in the evening.  Volunteers will be required to serve food to parents and students and help with clean up.  Please see Mrs. Hyland in Prep 2 or Room 232 if you are interested.


·       Our school store "The Wildcat Den" is now open.  From 7:40-8:05 it is open if you need to use the printer.  We are open both lunches.  We have frozen yogurt, chips, pop and water.  Each month we will have Candy Days.  We will let you know the day before we are having it.  Thanks Villy for supporting our Life Skills department.



·       The Football team is in need of managers. If you're interested in being a manager please come to room 207 at the beginning of 2nd lunch.


·       Hey Wildcats, we all know what’s coming up … It’s grade nine frosh week! Each day we will plan something different to make all newly added wildcats feel welcomed and see what Villanova is made of!


Monday is Boys vs. Girls (colour war) with uniform bottoms. Boys will wear blue shirts, and Girls will wear Black shirts.


Tuesday’s theme is “geeking out” or Nerd day! (students can choose to accessorize their uniform using glasses, bowties, ties, suspenders..etc)

Wednesday’s theme is Squad day/Twin day! (students can choose to twin with their friends by accessorizing their uniforms to match.  


Thursday is “Fun in the Sun”. (students can choose to accessorize their uniforms to this theme! You may wear hats floaties, hawaiian accessories ...etc.) Students may only accessorize the Uniform on these days!


Friday will be grade nine fun day consisting of fun, outdoor activities the second half of the school day. Stay on the lookout for more information that will be posted on posters around the school, and on our Villanova Twitter Account. Have a great day Villanova!


·       A reminder to all grade 9 and 10 girls who wish to try out for the junior girls basketball team, the next tryout is tonight from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. See Mr Dufour if you have any questions.


·       A reminder that cross country practices continue tonight and tomorrow after school. Meet in the atrium at 2:30 ready to run. A special call goes out to grade 9's. If you ran cross country or track last year you should be out for the team.