Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Emergency Response Codes

The following codes are used at all schools within the WECDSB including St. Thomas of Villanova.  It is important that not only staff and students are aware of the codes but also our parents /guardians.  The following is a summary of when the codes would be utilized.

Shelter in Place (Green/Yellow):


When this code is used, teachers are to keep their students in the classrooms and bring students from the hallways into the classrooms.   Teaching will continue within those classrooms.  An example of a Code Green Shelter In Place would be when the hallways need to be cleared for emergency personnel attending to a medical emergency.  Once the medical emergency is cleared, the shelter in place is lifted. 


An example of A Code Yellow Shelter In Place could be a tornado drill where students and staff would go to their assigned shelter locations on the first floor until such time as the Tornado Warning has been lifted.


Hold and Secure (Red):

A HOLD and SECURE code would be called for an issue taking place in our community where it is unsafe for anyone to leave or enter the building.   Police will notify the school of such situations.  Teachers in their classrooms will continue to teach and routines within the building continue as usual.   Designated staff members on their prep will go to assigned exit locations.   Custodial staff will lock all exit doors.  No one is permitted to leave or enter the building until the HOLD and SECURE has been lifted. This includes parents / guardians.   Once the situation has resolved and it is safe to do so, the Hold and Secure will be lifted.


Lockdown – Code Red – Lockdown

Code Red Lockdown is a code reserved for the most dangerous of situations where a violent intruder is in the building and poses a risk to staff and students.  Our lockdown protocol is very clearly specified at St. Thomas of Villanova and ALL staff and students are familiar with the protocol.  It is also reviewed at grade assemblies and on the PA prior to drills.  During a Code Red Lockdown, your child needs to find a secure location within the building that can be locked so it appears as though no one is in that room.  Two lockdown drills a year are completed at St. Thomas of Villanova and students and staff are encouraged to give their input about the drills as everyone’s safety is our number one priority.