Tuesday, 7 March 2017




·      Attention all boys (grade 9 -12) interested in trying out for this year’s baseball team.  The first practice is tonight at 2:30pm in the gym.  Please bring clean running shoes, hats and gloves.


·      The LCC is closed today due to the blood drive.


·      Any senior science student that would like to visit the Ontario Science Centre for biology or chemistry-themed activates and presentations are asked to see Mrs. Russo or Mr. Carosella this week for information. This invitation includes those students who took science last semester.


·      Any grade 11 chemistry student, including those that took the course last semester, are invited to write the University of Waterloo's Avogadro exam. Please see Mr. Carosella for details.


·      Did you know that there are now 4 new names of elements on the periodic table? If you like science and art, here's your chance to do both. The University of Waterloo is holding a contest to design a graphic square for the new elements as part of an international periodic table project. See Mr. Carosella in room 225 or the science office for details.


·      Did you ever want to study science abroad, such as in New York, Boston, France or Spain? How about for a semester at the Ontario Science Centre or even just for a couple of weeks this summer at McMaster University? All of this is possible. See Mr. Carosella in room 225 or the science office for details about these unique study opportunities.


·      The cafeteria will be closed on Thursday morning between 7:30 am -8:30 am for the Great Start Breakfast.