Thursday, 9 March 2017




·       There is a junior concert band rehearsal tonight after school.


·       The Villanova senior concert band achieved Silver in Music Fest London yesterday. They performed three pieces of contrasting style. The many hours of rehearsal have paid off for the group of 35 musicians.  Mark your Calendars for May 17th where you can hear this award winning band. Congratulations to all the members.


·       Congratulations goes out to Luca Chiandussi who beat his personal best at OFSSA these past two days! And Billy Grebe who took home the gold in 50 M freestyle and silver in 100 m free style swim! Congrats to all swimmers who were part of this years team! We will have a team photo after March break. Thank you to Coach- Cody Fields, teacher moderators Mrs Ibrahim and Mrs Chiandussi and a helping hand Mr Gombai.


·       Any Grade 12 students who are currently or have previously took SCH4U chemistry and would like to write the Chem News exam contest on May 11 2017, please sign up ASAP on the list outside of room 228.


·       VILLANOVA UNITED NATIONS TEAM will meet tonight in lieu of yesterday's meeting. Meeting will be concluding dialogue on climate change... VILMUN meet in room 131 at 2:30 tonight after school...


·       Today in the La Villa Nova Cafe we are offering Jumbo PIzza Slices and Grilled Chicken Caesar Wraps and Garden Salad.  Hope to see there.