Thursday, 15 June 2017

Announcements June 15,2017


- Gr. 12 - Clear your attendance for tomorrow if you will not be here

-ATTENTION GRADUATES: Is the death of one or both of your
parents the reason you cannot afford to attend College or University
next year? If you have serious intentions to attend College or
University next year but due to financial problems may not be able to,
then be sure to stop by the guidance office and pick up an application
for the BBF Bursary. Up to $4000 will be awarded to a student in
need. Once again, applications for the $4000 BBF Bursary are
available at guidance to a deserving student who has suffered the
loss of one or both parents. Come to guidance for more details.

- In February and April of this year, 86 Villanova students participated
in the University of Waterloo Math Contests. Today we want to
acknowledge their success. As you hear your name, please go to
room 233. The following students are receiving medals for achieving
the highest score at our school in the contest for their grade level:
Evelyn Petro, Laney Beausoleil, Matthew Veselinovic, Dario Morle,
Charlotte Salisbury and Megan Jorritsma. This group of students are
receiving Certificates of Distinction for placing in the top 25% of all
contest writers worldwide: Evelyn Petro, Renee Wulterkens, Nickolas
Grammatico, Carver Mackinnon, Caitlin Cmar, Olivia Brannagan,
Andrew Garro, Laney Beausoleil, Mathew Dunne, Charlotte
Salisbury, Matthew Veselinovic, Megan Jorritsma and Dario Morle.
The math department thanks all of our math contest writers for
participating and we congratulate all of you.

- Attention Grade 12 Students: Starting on Thursday, June 22nd you
have the opportunity to help the Life Skills Department by donating
your used uniforms to us. If you bring in a minimum of 2 pieces that
are washed and on hangers you will receive a Casual Dress Pass for
the Exam Period. We have an urgent need for skorts, sweaters and
shorts. All proceeds from the Used Uniform Sales go directly into the
Life Skills program helping to provide special trips for our students.
Thanks in advance for your support. All uniforms can be brought to
the Life Skills hallway on the mornings of Exam Days.

Altered Schedule for next week is below:
Wednesday, June 21 - Period 4 is CANCELLED for the day.  Students will have a double period 3.
Period 1 (8:15 to 9:35)
Period 2 ( 9:40 to 10:55)
Period 3 (11:00 to 2:15)

Students will take their regular lunch during Period 3.
Lunch 1 (10:55 to 11:35)
Lunch 2 (12:16 to 12:56)

Thursday, June 22 - Period 3 is CANCELLED for the day.  Students will have a double period 4.
Period 4 (8:15 to 10:55) Grade 12 students only will write their Period 4 exam on this day.
Period 1 (11:00 to 12:55)

Students will not take their regular lunch during Period 1.
Grade 9 & 11 Classes will take Lunch 1 (10:55 to 11:35)
Grade 10 & 12 Classes will take Lunch 2 (12:16 to 12:56)
Period 2 (1:00 to 2:15)